Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Solution Seeker

There's a crazy energy all around the media. An energy which never dies down - its a world which is constantly upbeat and abreast with the latest happenings. And here's the worst part - there's always someone or the other who's going to get the piece of cake (read NEWS) before you do.

Dedicating an entire blog to the media wouldn't just be enough, I'd need to more than that. After all, being a part of this field, I do realise that this indefatigable enthusiam is at times like a trance, as things just seem to roll by - passing through like a montage of images.

Here's the debut of perhaps not just another blog in blogosphere but also a movement which will help bring bright minds under a common discussion forum, posting feasible solutions. The hunger for this blog comes from the fact, that the media is generally perceived to be a medium which observes and relays messages appropriately. Let us for once, try to put forward thoughts with a solution in perspective too.

Cheers and regards!

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