Thursday, November 08, 2007

Caffeine injected love

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

Hands can be held. Lips can be locked. Deals can be signed. Bonds can be made. Memories can be revived. Hearts can be broken. Abuses can be hurled. Presentations can be planned. Wallets can be exposed. A lot can happen over a simple cup of coffee.

So much so, that today the Cafe Coffee Days, Baristas and McDonalds are playing a major role in the steering the course of human relationships. What is it, about these locations that is driving people to it? What really happens at these hangouts thats propelling a whole generation of caffeine injected love stories?

Or is something about coffee that works the magic? Your guess is as good as mine. Share it here.


Tamanna said...

I did a consumer behaviour project on why people prefer "cafe's". I am telling you, its the whole ambience. AC,Couches,Music, et al.
Where else can you pay 40 Rs. a muffin and sit for 4 hours in an ambience like this?

Chanakya said...

When in India, I go to cafes to for the free AC ! Kidding. On a serious note, I find its more because it's the IN thing; a good place to meet new people. Cuppa Joe is just an added benefit, not the sole/main reason.

Tamanna, my words on 40/- muffins. I am amazed by how people willingly shell out $4/- for a cup at Starbucks while hum and haw at 10c hike in gas prices.. (agreed it has a cascading effect, still )

Peace, Current Caveats

Anonymous said...

dont u think that "transition" can also only happen over a cup of coffee? ;)